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Player name: Fri
AIM contact: frifreeman
Alternate contacts: frifreeman2
Character name: Baron Archibald von Whiskers
Source canon: Project M
Community tag: archibald von whiskers
Do I want a HMD: yes

Notes: In honor of this
anonymous commenter


Once upon a time, there lived a kitten. He was the pet of a happy young boy. The boy was a plane and mecha hobbyist, and he named his kitten Baron Archibald von Whiskers. The two of them had many fun together, reading about old time fighter pilots from books with many pictures, knocking down model kits, and much more.

 Alas, the time is a chaotic time, and for one reason or another, they got separated. The kitten became a stray. The cat spent many nights crying alone, until a kind scientist heard his cries, and picked him up. The scientist was a cat lover, and with him, Baron Archibald von Whiskers met many new friends, like the wise tuxedo cat who became their mentor, Socrates, and the Norwegian Fairy Cat named Skald.  Despite their differences, Archie and Skald became best friend and partner in crime in many hillarious cat hijinks.

The scientist loved cats so much that he uplifted his cats, giving them intelligence and the ability to speak. He also taught them many tricks, including how to pilot mechas. Baron Archibald loves his new life until one day, the kind scientist died.

 Socrates blamed humanity for his death,  sought to punish humanity for their cruelty against their “father” and cat kind.  All of the other cats had no complaints and followed diligently…  Except for Archie.

He knew that they were meant for a greater purpose than petty revenge. He loved the scientist, but he also still remember his old life with the boy,  and all the time they spent together reading about the defenders of humanity.  So he recruited his best friend Skald, and together, they’re going to stop Socrates or die meowing.

Original canon background: Posted in Skald's app.


Baron Archibald von Whiskers try to model himself like old gentlemanly fighter plane aces of yore. He always try to act cool, calm, and confident. He does his best to maintain the appearance of eternal confidence and unflappable composure in the face of everything, ranging from the danger of the battlefield, to cat-tail toy, to being petted.

He considers ace pilots to be modern knights, so he tries to act knightly and gentlemanly, to be the protector of the weak and innocents, to be the best fighter in the battlefield but also be respectful to enemies.

But try is the keyword, because first and foremost, he’s still a cat, and even more, an ex pet cat. He actually struggles to keep his stiff upper lips.  So he still does cat stuffs, and act like a cat, even when he insist he doesn't. For example he often acts aloof and pretends to not like something, when he actually wants it. He’ll never admit that he actually like being petted and lifted. He often pretends that he meant to do something, when it’s just an accident.  And he’s not above doing catly shenanigans, though he’ll keep insisting  that he’s doing it in a gentlemanly way.

And he actually loves battle.  He's proud of his ability as a cat  (being a cat is great! Human are just clumsy two legged furless cats anyway), and as a pilot, and often acts haughty in the battlefield because of that. Combined with his self-image as an old-timey ace, that means he prefer to fight seriously only those he considers fellow aces, and prefer to give chance (read: to toy) to those he consider not worthy of his respect. Like those tiny little mouseys.

Capabilities and Resources:

Baron Archibald von Whiskers is an uplifted animal, bearing human level intelligence and personality. He is somehow capable of piloting mecha. His feline hunting senses have also been enhanced by his uplifting, making him a particularly sharp pilot.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name:Smildon - Ranged mode

Unit Description:

A well armored and nimble dual mode machine designed for both Intense Ranged Assault and Brutal Melee Combat. The Smildon was the last machine to be developed by the creator of Project Mewtype before he expired and the designs sadly lost - preventing Socrates from having it mass produced.  It’s meant to fully realize the potential for unmitigated destruction that lies within a cat, that is a cat’s viciousness in close combat, and its ability as a silent hunter.  Archie is the primary pilot for the ranged mode.

In ranged configuration, Smildon is a four-legged plaftform of ranged annihilation.  It doesn’t move as fast or nimble as its bipedal mode, but it’s much more stable, making it capable of both precise ranged kill and wide artillery barrage.

Smildon has massive amount of physical ranged weaponries, ranging from missile dispensers, to gatling guns and flak cannons, and this mode is meant to utilize them fully. But the main weapon in this mode is a massive, slow-charging rail gun with unmitigated destructive ability, meant to destroy its targets silently in one shot from afar.

But on the downside, in this mode, Smildon has almost no melee capability. It also moves relatively slowly, and have to rely on its defensive guns to protect itself.

For times when it can’t protect itself using guns, Smildon also have an energy barrier system installed. However, in order to use it fully, energy needs to be redirected from other systems, lowering the effectiveness of those bypassed systems. This works both way, energy from the barrier system can be used to overcharge other systems, increasing their effectiveness.

Size: L
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground

Posted in Skald's App.

Posted in Skald's App.

Mission requirement:
Posted in Skald's App.

Suggested Event List:
Posted in Skald's App.

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